I'm Chloe Johnson,

Founder of Extra Magic LLC.

I started Extra Magic as a framework for the projects I do with and for creators of all kinds. I can be an extra helping hand to make life easier or offer extra sparkle to make creations shine. Sometimes, that takes the form of putting together a website or a merch store. Other times, I'll actually design the merch, videos, album artwork and supplemental materials for an artist's project. Need props for your show? Or stuff to put on socials? Do you wish someone would run interference for you when booking a tour? Or want your manager/partner/dog off your back about that admin work you keep procrastinating? Say the word and I'll wave my magic wand!

You've got the great ideas, I help you execute!

I'm a graphic designer and website nerd with a passion for music and art (and my clients might also add that zealousness extends to metadata, organization, and spreadsheets... the boring stuff I'm thrilled to do for them!)

In my travels as an artist consultant, I've worked with musicians, actors, comics and performers of all kinds, from bands on major record labels to small-town puppeteers and everyone in between! So if you're looking to get started - have a look at my portfolio, and hit me up if you like what you see!